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Your Own Show

Your Own Show

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Your Idea As A Show

Our team will take your personality and ideas and turn them into a professional show or series.


Do you have an idea you would like to turn into a show, or have you always wanted to host your own?

Creating a show tape is a great investment to test your idea and get potential viewers, investors, and sponsors excited about your series.

And it's easier than you might think.

Great for lifestyle, how-to, and documentary/reality/unscripted-style show ideas you'd like to show on YouTube, your website, or pitch as a series – see our other services for single productions.


Before You Start

How much should you spend on developing a show?

As little as possible.

We recommend getting familiar with the world of television production before you get started. 

There are great resources available, and many are even FREE:

Many successful on-line shows have been built using the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) route to build an audience over time on YouTube and other social media channels.

But if you're still not sure how to start, need more guidance, or would like something more professional than the DIY approach – especially if you're trying to land local sponsors early – we're glad to help.

Follow our steps below to get started.



Our Package Includes


Consultation (up to 2 hours)

We'll Fine Tune Your Concept

We'll meet* in person or by on-line video chat to go over your questionnaire, walk you through your outline, interview you and ask all the questions necessary to get the information you want into your show. Together, we'll collaboratively start to decide on the video concepts, the look/feel and style, the possible recording locations, and guide you on the other details involved with how the actual show is going to look, sound, and perform. This will guide your idea into becoming a show and start to give us a solid start before putting it all together in front of the cameras.
Requires step above.


Written Show Treatment (up to 2 pages)

We'll Turn Your Ideas Into A Professional Show Description

We'll work from the your questionnaire and consultation to create an unscripted show style treatment –  the blueprint that describes what your show will look like and what viewers will see every episode. Treatments are useful for both television, YouTube, and most other outlets to succinctly express your show idea to your internal team, viewers, and potential funders. We'll work with you to express your ideas in your voice to make sure the show comes out of your unique point of view and personality, including the subjects you cover and the style you use for your show. We'll create it in a professional, industry standard format for you to use in your independent pitches, proposals, and sponsor / fundraising efforts. We can optionally provide you with script development and location scouting services for an additional fee/s as a complete turn-key solution.
Requires step above.


Rehearsal (Up To 2 hours)

We'll Give You Confidence

Two of the biggest things that separate 'real' shows from those that feel amateur are your comfort level on camera and video production quality. We'll come to your location* (or work remotely via video chat) and coach you on how to comfortably present, communicate, and express your point of view on camera while building self-confidence and a sense of achievement. This is also your chance to fine tune your style and content before taping your pitch tape. Extended time, studio rental, and multiple rehearsal sessions available for an additional fee/s.
Requires step above.


Recording (up to 4 hours) 

We'll Professionally Tape Your Pitch Tape

Our experienced team will come to your location* to showcase your best on camera while crafting your show's look, feel, and style to professional levels. We'll use our broadcast-quality, professional gear and gather all necessary releases.  Extended time, additional cameras, and studio rental available for an additional fee/s.
Requires step above.


Edited Video (Up To 3 Minutes)

We'll Edit Your Pitch Tape

We'll edit and post-produce a first draft for your review, from which you can direct up to four rounds of editing. Your final video can be up to 3 minutes long – an ideal length for new, introductory on-line episodes – and will include your current branding and 1 royalty free music track for web playback. We can optionally include additional music and incorporate your existing graphics to enhance your show's look and feel. 
Requires step above.

We'll Publish Your Work

Your final video can be made available for you to upload directly, and we can also share across our channels, including YouTube and Facebook. You can use this video to gauge audience interest, pitch to sponsors, and share with producers to create an entire series.
Requires step above.

Going Farther


Promotion, Pilots, and More

We Can Help You Get Noticed

The process doesn't have to stop with a published first video. We can also optionally help you launch and promote your show by writing a press release, creating a show landing page, creating content marketing pieces and sizzle reels, and featuring you on our video outlets.

We Can Help You Create a Pilot or Full Series

We can also optionally work with you to develop a longer show pilot or full multi-episode series, including how to budget for a full series, pitch your idea to networks, integrate sponsors, and more. You can also create your own show pilot DIY-style to save costs and gain valuable experience.


Terms and Conditions: To secure your date(s) and prevent double-booking, full payment due in advance and at time of booking. We will make every effort to accommodate rain dates, but unfortunately, changes in dates/times within 7 days of service date are subject to the full amount. Overages charged 150% during normal hours, 200% for rush/overnight. Travel w/in 15 minutes of Jersey City, NJ, included; additional travel extra. Edit reviews and final video provided in digital, on-line format. Physical delivery is extra and may incur additional shipping, handling, and taxes for entire production. Royalty free music refers to medium-sized audiences and streaming web delivery. We reserve the right to notify you in advance of increases or decrease prices in line with taxes or any other dues or fees levied on your shoot, and to respectfully decline projects or content that do not align with our mission or are not family friendly. Discounts applied off of published prices for active services, cannot be combined with any other offers, and availability of products or services eligible for discount subject to change.

Examples Of Our Work

(ABOVE) We created the RISE campaign video for Rising Tide Capital.

(ABOVE) We created the 2018 A Life At Ease event video to showcase how these businesses work together to offer a day of Therapy, Renewal, & Wellness. We directed, produced, and edited the video using footage at the one day event taped in Kearny Point, NJ.

(ABOVE) As part of our video services, we worked with Community Compost Company in Hoboken, NJ, to create a series of 3 promotional videos to highlight how they build community while helping the Earth.

(ABOVE) We directed, produced, and co-wrote the promotional video that helped TECCS raise over $10,000 (over 200% goal) for their filmmaking fundraiser.

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