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    Join our community for new or undiscovered video creators with LIVE feedback, coaching, and fun monthly challenges to succeed on camera with your own video series.

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    Your Superpower

    Use what makes you unique is the secret to creating content you love. Already got content? Have it reviewed with expert feedback & community support to learn together.

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    Your Niche

    Find or fine-tune YOUR unique niche with practice, community support, and fun challenges. Overcome on-camera jitters, banish self-doubt, and say goodbye to the fear of feedback. Your ideal audience is waiting.

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    Your Series

    Combine your unique niche + superpower + point of view to create an entirely unique YouTube series. Build a loyal following, keep viewers hooked, and unlock the path to monetization 💰 faster 🚀.

Overcome 5 top barriers

Niche Dilemma

Some people simply struggle to find a topic or format that excites them enough to commit to creating their own video series. Others worry their niche idea is already fully saturated with competition.

Fear of Judgment and Criticism

Putting yourself out there on a public video platforms like LinkedIn or YouTube means opening yourself up to comments, both positive and negative. The fear of negative feedback, online trolls, and general criticism is a strong barrier for many.

Lack of Confidence

Self-doubt is a major hindrance. People might worry about not being good enough, interesting enough, or original enough to gain an audience.

Technical Overwhelm

Starting a video channel involves getting to grips with video filming, editing, lighting, sound, and the actual mechanics of the platform. This can feel intimidating for someone without experience.

Time Commitment

Creating decent quality personal video content takes significant time and effort. With work, family, and other commitments, squeezing in filming and editing hours can feel impossible.

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Join the program I used to create a national TV show, win indie-film awards, and cast hundreds on-camera professionally – we'll help you stand out in your own series.

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  • Weekly Live Coaching Calls ($900)

    Weekly coaching calls designed to get you unstuck and taking action. Turn your passion into progress with targeted strategies and real-time feedback.

  • Niche Finder LITE™ Course ($200)

    Stop spinning your wheels trying to pick a niche. Our proven Niche Finder LITE™ course cuts through the confusion and helps you zero in on your profitable sweet spot.

  • Monthly Pitch Prizes  ($250+)

    Pitch your niche ideas and have the opportunity to win $250+ cash prizes every month! Get rewarded for your creativity and niche development.

  • Built-In Practice & Feedback

    Get the practice you need in a safe and encouraging space. Receive constructive feedback to refine your niche strategy and accelerate your progress.

  • Members Choose Winners

    We're all in this together! Our "Members Choose Winners" system fosters a supportive community where you celebrate each other's successes.

  • Leaderboard Bonuses

    Support each other, climb the leaderboard, and unlock bonuses for your niche-building journey.

Get instant access to $1,950 of value

⚡️ Supportive place to practice
⚡️ Test ideas with us first
⚡️ Likeminded creators
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Unlock your superpower

Niche Finder Lite™ Course / Module 1

Your Story

âś… Highlight your unique background and key life/work experiences

âś… Find what you're passionate about or have always loved doing

âś… Leverage things that make you unique or were turning points for you

Niche Finder Lite™ Course / Module 2

Your Superpower

âś… Identify what you feel (or people have said) you're AWESOME at doing

âś… Narrow down on things you feel you do better than most others

âś… Get clarity on what you could win at doing

Niche Finder Lite™ Course / Module 3

Your Success

âś… Find what your future success look like to you

âś… Realize who you would love to help

âś… Get direction on your next step or your ultimate dream

Find Your


  • Niche Discovery Labs: Guided discussions to help members discover unique content angles within broader interests.

  • Audience Brainstorming: Analyzing different viewer types and demographics to match with potential content styles.

  • "Remix and Innovate" Challenge: Creative prompts for taking existing trends and popular ideas and putting a unique spin on them.



  • Mindset Coaching: Sessions on fostering resilience, separating healthy criticism from negativity, and re-framing fear of judgment as excitement.

  • Safe Supportive Community: Facilitated forums where new creators can share early work, receive positive feedback, and build a support network before going fully public.

  • "Troll Shield" Strategies: Expert advice on managing comments sections, dealing with haters, and maintaining a positive perspective regardless of online negativity.



  • "Own Your Awesome" Sessions: Exercises and coaching helping members pinpoint their unique skills, passions, and what makes them shine, building self-belief.

  • Imposter Syndrome Workshops: Identifying and tackling self-limiting beliefs that undermine confidence.

  • Live Feedback on Small Projects: Experts review short test videos, highlighting strengths to amplify the creator's sense of potential.



  • Step-by-Step Workshops: Live coaching sessions breaking down video creation,editing, and channel mechanics into achievable steps and addressing common newbie questions.

  • Gear Guide: Simplified equipment recommendations based on budget and experience levels, demystifying tech choices.

  • Template Library: Providing customizable templates for channel art, video intros/outros, etc., to offer structure for the visually overwhelmed.



  • Micro-Content Masterclass: Strategies for creating impactful, short-form videos optimized for busy schedules and attention spans.

  • Accountability Groups: Matching members to provide mutual motivation, helping them stick to content creation commitments.

  • Content Planning Workshop: Time management techniques tailored to YouTube workflow, maximizing their limited hours.

About Your Instructor

Kris Van Nest

Join the program that helped me create a national TV show, win indie-film awards, and cast hundreds on-camera professionally. We'll help you MAKE IT!

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Unlock Get On-Camera Fast course – build up your core video skills through a series of fun and engaging daily exercises.

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Unlock Niche Finder LITE™ course – This isn’t a traditional niche finding approach. We'll show you how to combine your unique story, superpower, and future success into a niche YOU can totally own.

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Unlock Niche Finder PRO™ course – Dive deeper to find your unique place in the world. Guided reflection prompts to uncover strengths born from challenges and passions.

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