Your Guides To Success


Top tips for success in any field

If you could share your top advice on how to make any area of life better – based on your own experience – what would it be?

Like most "new" ideas, this one actually started some time ago. Back in 2011, we had the idea to produce a "rules of thumb" series giving tips gathered from life coaches, people in the know, and other subject matter experts in fields ranging from education to entrepreneurship.

That idea and business plan won us a small prize in the Rising Tide Capital (RTC) executive summary competition for the Community Business Academy (CBA) class we attended. Excited as we were, the idea wasn't quite ready to launch in that form. Not only that, but we didn't have a business name that was easy to share (just ask Jay at RTC :). We put it on the backburner, but kept it in our minds for when the time was right to find an appropriate way to launch.

Fast forward to late 2017. While bookmarking numerous "how to" and "top tip" articles for making our own life and business better, we thought why not share them with others in an easy to read format with minimal editorial. Nothing fancy or complicated, but instead a focus on the simple and the positive – a curated set of photos, quotes, and links. Running with this new streamlined idea and our development expertise, we had a working prototype in about 2-3 days, social media accounts, and domain name registered... and our MAKE IT Series was born.

MAKE IT Series doesn't completely replace our previous idea and it's constantly evolving in development. But for us, it's a fun and easy way to share articles and resources that we're passionate about while embracing the spirit of our original goal – let's help make all of our lives better.

Of course, send us a note if you have a tip or article of your own – we'll credit you!