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MAKE IT Series

Small Business Pitch Workshop

Small Business Pitch Workshop

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Build self-confidence, share your business passion, and use video to effectively market.

How To Pitch Your Business Passion On Camera

Learn how to present, communicate, and express point of view on camera while building self-confidence, share your business passion, and use video to effectively market your products, services... or yourself! 

Workshop Overview

Get ready for a fun, informative, and interactive learning experience –

Group Welcome
  • Informal Meet & Greet
  • Business Card Exchange
  • Quick Introductions
How To
  • What makes video a powerful marketing tool
  • The 4 must-have videos to use for marketing your business
  • How to work with a videographer to create effective videos
  • How to share your passion and purpose on camera
  • How to create your 5W / 5P statement to summarize your business on camera using our pre-made template
  • How to create a successful first video from scratch
    (beginner-friendly script template included!)
Break + Q&A
Practice On Camera
  • Creating your 5P statement
  • Having fun and feeling relaxed on camera
  • Sharing your 5P's on camera using our pre-made script template
  • Capturing awesome headshots 

You Get

  • Your own "I am..." on-line practice video
  • Your own 5P statements through coaching (you can use it for print, too!)
  • Professional digital headshot at our studio
  • ... plus completion of our workshop gets you 10% off our services!

Class Details

  • Instructor – Kris Van Nest
  • Prerequisite – Interest in entrepreneurship; small business ownership not required


  • Casual, if possible without visible (front-facing) logos.
  • Please do not wear green colors or shades of green.


  • Yourselves and your smiles!
  • Your business cards or other material to share.
  • No experience necessary. 

Space Is Limited. RSVP Required.

*Agenda / schedule subject to change.

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