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MAKE IT Series

MAKE IT Series Makeover

MAKE IT Series Makeover

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Make, Share, Win




Join host Kris Van Nest as he follows 10 fellow entrepreneurs on their journey to learn how to transform their expertise into teaching others as they compete to win a business makeover to boost their success. Who will see their business dreams realized and their lives transformed? Enter today and tune in to find out.

Kris Van Nest – on-camera television host and producer,  founder of THISLEARNING®, graduate of the 2011 Rising Tide Capital Community Business Academy (CBA), and finalist in 2012 The Start Something Challenge (TSSC) – knows what it takes to turn passion for an idea into a business. Join him as he follows participants and fellow entrepreneurs who create an idea, learn business development**, and then pitch their startups in the annual MAKE IT Series Makeover. At stake, their own startup dreams and a business makeover to boost their success.

Each episode, viewers watch as participants share their personal stories and business challenges, get tips and lessons from seasoned instructors, and drive themselves towards weekly successes. Part Shark Tank and part American Idol, MAKE IT Series Makeover is more than just a business pitch competition show. It inspires and teaches viewers with valuable lessons about entrepreneurship and local business resources, shares expert advice, and showcases hands-on coaching and mentorship to help build community involvement. Follow the Makeover behind the scenes on-line with exclusive tips, guidance, and show out-takes to supplement the show.

*In development – working title.
**In development – we’re working with stakeholders to determine course inclusions.
***In cash, value, or combination.

Development Notes

Show Goals

The main goals of our show include:

  1. Inspire, educate, and entertain entrepreneurs, communities, and supporters,
  2. Empower entrepreneurs to leverage their subject matter expertise, and be seen as experts in their field, by teaching others.
  3. Raise public awareness, funding support, and involvement entrepreneurs,
  4. Strengthen local television production by incorporating initiatives from the Film, Media, and Communications Cluster in New Jersey and promote further development through #NJFilmandMedia,
  5. Build local business by sourcing entrepreneurs for many aspects of video production – hosting, videography, wardrobe, set design, graphics, branding, website, prizes, and more.

Television Inspirations

Popular existing small businesses television shows:

  1. Local Television – Start Up with host Gary Bredow on New York Channels
  2. National Television – Shark Tank with judges on ABC
  3. National Television – Your Business with host JJ Rambert on NBC (see Jeff Hoffman’s recent appearance)

Examples here are for ideas and exploring the potential market for our new small business show.

MAKE IT Series Makeover would have appropriately different goals, style, and content.

Partners / Sponsors

We’re looking for enthusiastic and committed partners and sponsors who believe in making television to empower and inspire. We're especially interested in including fellow entrepreneurs and past contestants as contractors for the series development where possible. Please contact us directly about stakeholder and sponsorship opportunities, and suggest segments you think would make a great fit.
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