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Jacquie Bird

6 Gifts To Give Yourself In 2020

6 Gifts To Give Yourself In 2020

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"You're the only person who can do YOU. Connect with your intuition and fly!"
– Jacquie Bird

By Jacquie Bird, Spiritual Wellness
Creator/Practitioner StressBusters Guided Meditation
Author of 7 Daily Thoughts & Mantras 4 Mindfulness
Creator of SoundSoulVibin' Meditation Music
Creator/Host of Roll With Peace, In Mind Podcast

2 Years In Business


"Is it for ME???? You shouldn't have!!"

Ahhhhh, yes, you most certainly should! Gift yourself!!

With the Gift-giving flurry of the holidays behind us, our focus shifts to a new year and a brand-new decade. This time of year, we fill ourselves with hope, excitement, love, and enthusiasm—it almost feels like we have begun a new slate (until you have to go back to work). On the other hand, if we are depressed, these times sit on us like a pile of ever-growing rubble pushing us deeper into the muck and mire of our darkness…

But all is not lost.

The good news is that wherever you sit on the Emotional Spectrum, there are Six Gifts to bestow upon yourself to connect to Inner Peace amid Life's Journey.

Top Tips

➊ Tell Yourself To "Go To Your Room!"

The room I am referring to is the one in your head where there is a quiet place amidst all the buzzing of The Thinking Mind. Give yourself 'Time Outs' periodically, step away from your desk, go someplace where you can grab a moment to take that Time Out. Close your eyes to rest them, cup your hands over them to temporarily block out the glare of the fluorescent lights, and take a deep toke on some air through your nose then exhale slowly. Take another hit of air slowly, exhale slowly. Repeat if you have the time. Remove your hands, give 'em a shake, and you're ready to slay again! Repeat throughout your day; a little goes a long way.

Can't get away? Be creative and make it happen! People may stare at you and think you're crazy? So enlist some folks to join you, start a movement! Ain't got that kinda job? I have the same answer—be creative and make it happen!

Really worried about what people may think?

Remember this –

➋ What Other People Think About You Ain't Ya Business So Stop Worrying About It.

Instead, try to get to a place where you are not a feather for every breeze that blows (borrowing one of my ex's favorite sayings). Make YOUR opinion about what you think and do the priority. You're the only person who can do YOU.

When you free yourself from what friends, family, and strangers may or may not think about what you should or shouldn't do, you enable yourself to have a personal connection to… YOU. I remember when my dad died, hearing my step-mom say she didn't even know what type of fish she liked because it was always about what my dad wanted to blow me A-WAY, I mean after all those years! Now she's exploring and making up her mind about stuff. Holding oneself in the cage of another's opinion, even if it is your partner's, confines who you are into somebody else's notion of who you are and what's good for you. And if they're doing that to you, chances are they are clueless as to what is best for them.


➌ Saying Yes Does Not Mean No—NO MEANS NO.

Saying yes when you mean no gets you into soooooooooo much trouble and aggravation it isn't worth it! I hear people, women especially, say things like:

  • "I really didn't want to and thought it was inconvenient, but I said yes, and it turned out to be a nightmare" or

  • "I hate doing things for her/him, she/he takes advantage of me alllllllll the friggin' time like I don't have anything else to do. But I feel like I have to say yes!"

Um…no, you don't.

Those of you who are averse to saying no or think you can't, practice right now. Form the only syllable of the word or, for effect, add another syllable, so you get NO-WAH! Then you will feel your jaw drop and your lips form that sweet little syllable with a resounding sound when you let 'er rip!

See, that wasn't so bad. Now do it in real life the next time Mr. or Ms. Take Advantage comes around, asks you to do something you don't want to do, and they give you that pleading look. Say NO. Then stick to it. They may try to impose their opinion on you, but follow the latter part of Gift #2. Stop worrying about what other people think, it ain'tcha business, and keep on keepin' on. You'll thank yourself, profusely.

And remember: you have every right to act on your behalf, to work in your own best interests. Saying no when that's what you mean will Set You Free.

➍ Exercise Appreciation

Becoming more appreciative every day is one of the most Soul-stirring things you can do, and boy does it lift your mood, your Vibe, your OUTLOOK. You cannot be Positive while focusing on the negative, and the more you recognize and look for things to appreciate, things begin to shift in your life. Solutions appear that seemed to elude you, people come seemingly out of nowhere to assist you, doors open, and your way of looking at things shift.

They are two completely different frequencies. The Positive Frequencies come over the airwaves clear and crisp. At the same time, the negative frequencies flood the airwaves with mucho static and distortion.

And while I'm at it, remember to say beautiful things about yourself to yourself. Appreciate YOU, Your Body, Your Life, FOR IT IS A GIFT!


Be in the room with yourself as you engage in an activity. Not the same room as you sent yourself to for your Time Out, but have your MIND in the same place as your body.

  • *Listen when someone is talking to you, have dinner with friends and family without being on your phone*

  • *DRIVE, not text or have the phone in your hands*

  • *See others and yourself and your relationship to others, we all share this Earth, Be Mindful when you walk anywhere, move to the side when people are trying to pass, don't hog the walkway, hold the door, don't let it slam in another's face, say Thank You to show your Appreciation*

  • *Hear the birds, see the sunset or sunrise, feel the breeze, smell the flowers*

  • *Speak Mindfully*

BE an ACTIVE participant in Your Life. Don't just 'phone it in' and you won't feel like life is too short. Show up for every moment. Even the painful ones. All experiences contribute to the fabric in the evolving You, whether you can see them as they occur or not. Becoming more Present deepens your connection to The Whole of which you are.


➏ Begin or Deepen A Meditation Practice

I know, I know, you've tried to meditate, but it hasn't worked for you because you fail horribly at it. If that practice eludes you, consider guided meditation to help you get going. It's like an express train with foodservice taking you directly to Calmer, Grounded and Balanced—provided you employ the Gift of #5, Being Present. We are sooooooo busy doing, thinking, and entertaining our chatterbox minds that being still for five minutes can serve as a respite, a pause button, a direct line to our Deeper, Knowing Selves. And that's where Peace lives.

Momentarily slowing down allows our overworked adrenal glands a moment to chill, our blood pressure to lower, our jaws to unclench. There are many resources out there, and you owe it to yourself to Gift yourself with oodles and oodles of presents to Connect to Your Inner Peace and Well-Being.


Slowing down momentarily allows our overworked adrenal glands a moment to chill, our blood pressure to lower, our jaws to unclench. There are many resources out there, you owe it to yourself to Gift yourself with oodles and oodles of presents to Connect to Your Inner Peace and Well-Being. In doing this, you will begin to navigate the Life bumps, peaks, and valleys from a more Grounded, Centered and Balanced place with Grace and Wisdom. And with more JOY.

Jacquie Bird, Spiritual Wellness offers products and services that support, guide, and empower the individual. She is the author of the 7 Daily Thoughts & Mantras 4 Mindfulness eBook series and the Creator/Practitioner of StressBusters Guided Meditation. In addition, she creates guided meditation tracks and meditation music called SoundSoulVibin' and is the Owner/Creator of the handmade wellness brand MODAL VISIONS, Where Art, Spirit & WellBeing Come Together. Her art is rooted in the energetically dynamic properties of gemstones, crystals, and copper.  Jacquie is also the Creator and host of the podcast Roll With Peace, In Mind. Her entire platform and intent are in mindfulness, personal growth, stress relief, and stress management--in essence, how we can live calmer, centered, grounded and meaningful lives. Learn more at

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