MAKE IT Series Scholarship


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Get monetized 💰 faster 🚀

We help new and undiscovered YouTube creators rock their superpower, standout, and get monetized 💰 faster 🚀 without guessing


We'll show you how – learn how to gain on-camera confidence, dial in your YouTube niche, practice social media videos, and experiment with new ideas in a supportive community alongside fellow creators in a curated community.


Each month you'll get to:

  • Learn foundations of on-camera confidence
  • Get feedback from members and experts
  • Push your creativity & gain visibility
  • Cheer each other on
  • Climb leaderboards


↓ Apply Today ↓

We have a limited number of member scholarships intended for new or undiscovered video content creators. Small channels welcome. Applicants should have a deep interest in helping others succeed together and providing feedback to help make our community features better. Fill out the form below and be sure to include all required fields. We'll review your application and let you know!