MAKE IT Series ①

Calling all creators!

YouTube Video Competition


Unlock what you've learned as a video content creator in our inaugural MAKE IT Series ① YouTube competition. This is your chance to showcase your talent, interests, passions, and expertise in bite-sized, high-impact videos. Get ready to craft captivating one-minute videos in the most popular YouTube categories, competing for awesome awards and widespread recognition to help build your career!

MAKE IT Series ① is a fun video content creation coaching community + competition designed to discover the next generation of online video stars. Creators of all genres are welcome, with the key rule being that all submissions must be 1-minute or less – with NO edits 😊 – reflecting our emphasis on the entrepreneur pitch-style, creators learning confidence on-camera, and the importance of short video impact on today's major platforms.

Get ready to have fun and make some fantastic videos!


🎯 Practice

  • The Community: Creators join the online MAKE IT Series ① community for practice. This platform offers:
    • Peer feedback and critiques
    • Coaching webinars from industry experts
    • Themed challenges to spark creativity
  • Development: Creators can submit unlimited practice videos within the community to get feedback to hone their skills.

📹 Pitch

  • Selection: Top creators from the PRACTICE phase are invited to the live PITCH round.
  • Live Presentation: Participants will have a dedicated time slot to pitch their channel concept live with an example single 1-minute video that includes directly to judges via Google Meet.
  • Judging Criteria (25 Points):
    • 5 Points: Hook, Content, Call To Action (CTA)
    • 5 Points: Creativity and originality
    • 5 Points: Technical Quality (lighting, sound, editing)
    • 5 Points: On-camera presence/storytelling/entertainment value
    • 5 Points: Adherence to category theme


🌟 Win

  • Makeover: Winners receive the MAKE IT Series Makeover package which could include:
    • Professional branding consultation session
    • Creator mentorship session with an industry professional
    • Recognition on the MAKE IT Series website and various social media
  • Advancement: Winners automatically advance to MAKE IT Series ② for a chance at bigger prizes and industry exposure (think America's Got Talent's semi-finals).

Why It's Unique

  • Focus on Short-Form: Emphasizes the skill of creating engaging, impactful video in 60 seconds or less, catering to current entrepreneur pitch competition and social media trends while remaining attainable for new creators.
  • Community-Driven: The PRACTICE phase promotes collaboration, fostering a supportive environment for creators of all levels.
  • Real-World Prizes: The "Makeover" gives winners tangible assets to grow their channel.
  • Two-Tier Format: "Series ②" creates a sense of progression and higher stakes, keeping viewers engaged.

Additional Possibilities

We are also considering:

  • Themes: Weekly themes in the PRACTICE phase ("Comedy Week", "Educational Week") add focus and encourage innovation.
  • Public Voting: We'll consider a public voting element to increase audience engagement.
  • Celebrity Judges: Potential to attract big-name content creators as judges, lending credibility.


  1. Duration: Videos MUST be a maximum of one minute (60 seconds) in length, including titles/credits.
  2. No Edits: Videos must NOT contain any edits (think entrepreneur pitch-style).
  3. On Camera Only: Creator's full face must appear on-camera for the entire video duration (no b-roll, AI, synthetically generated, or other replacement allowed).
  4. Originality: All content must be original work created by the entrant.
  5. Categories: Videos must fit into one of the designated categories (see below).
  6. Submission Window: [DATES TBD]
  7. Judging Criteria: [SEE ABOVE]
    • Rights: Entrants grant MAKE IT Series / THISLEARNING, LLC non-exclusive rights to showcase submissions for promotional purposes. Creators retain full ownership of their work.


    • Gaming: Epic highlights, tutorials, creative gaming content
    • Comedy: Skits, parodies, anything that delivers the laughs
    • How-To & DIY: Tutorials, life hacks, inspiring DIY projects
    • Beauty & Fashion: Makeup transformations, style tips, hauls
    • Vlogging: Daily life moments, travel adventures, unique perspectives
    • Animation: Show off your animation skills across any style
    • Music: Short music videos, original performances, covers

    Additional Notes

    • Judging: A panel of industry experts and popular YouTubers will judge entries. We may have a public voting component as well.
    • Promotion: We may partner with established creators or platforms to increase competition visibility.
    • Age Requirements: We are currently only accepting creators 13 years old or older for participation.