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Jacquie Bird

The 7 Tops Tips For Success To De-Stress!

The 7 Tops Tips For Success To De-Stress!

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"We are the guardians of our temples for our life span... being mindful of our stress levels and doing something constructive about it makes for a much more centered, more balanced life."
– Jacquie Bird

By Jacquie Bird, Spiritual Wellness
Creator/Practitioner StressBusters Guided Meditation
Author of 7 Daily Thoughts & Mantras 4 Mindfulness
Creator of SoundSoulVibin' Meditation Music
Creator/Host of Roll With Peace, In Mind Podcast

2 Years In Business


StressBusters Guided Meditation was born out of my extensive experience and knowledge of dance, yoga, wellness, healing, aromatherapy, positive thinking, guided meditation, and gemstones. And being stressed out. I had a long career in showbiz, run a handmade jewelry business, am creating a meditation digital album, just released the 1st eBook on Mindfulness of a 4-part series--in essence, I, like most of us, have a lot going on! In addition, I have always been an advocate and user of holistic healing tools.

Oh, forgot to mention I am a choreographer & master teacher of dance too. And since I have been on the planet, I have witnessed our stress levels collectively rise--I see it in the very young children I work with, I see it in media, I see it in day to day life and oh my gawd have I felt it in me! Being a Creative all my life, I have had to learn how to calm myself down when times get rough and not be my own worse enemy. So my guided meditation practice and thus my business was a natural outgrowth of my own need to de-stress as opposed to being in distress! And it is truly amazing and an honor to witness people's stress melt away as they experience StressBusters Guided Meditation.

Top Tips

  1. BREATHE. Breathe? Whadya mean Breathe? That's ALL? That's too easy! Yep. It's as simple as that believe it or not. Taking moments to take deep, soul-stirring breath is a luxury many of us deny ourselves. It's easy. But NOT, because in most cases that is the LAST thing we think about. Getting deep breaths throughout the day is grounding, centering, balancing and stabilizing. And. It's free! And it feels good. 

  2. HYDRATE WITH WATER. Not Gatorade. Not Coconut Milk. Not Kombucha. Not coffee. But WATER. We are mostly water so why not supply yourself with what you're made of? Taking time to drink, not gulp, down some water from a natural source boosts the immune system, helps with headaches, flushes out toxins, increases brainpower and provides energy, etcetera, etcetera. It doesn't mean you can't have the other stuff, but try to make H2O your go-to. Couple that with deep breaths and you're ready to slay again!

  3. EXERCISE YOUR POSITIVITY MUSCLE. If you're a cynic, realistic, skeptic or any other kinda 'ic' person, try to shift your perspective every once in a while...then try more than once in a while. Looking at the dark side of things sure does heap on da stress and then some! Flip da script, shift the 'tude (as in attitude) open the blinds and let the light shine in sometimes.

  4. Which brings me to...EXPECT THE BEST. WHAT????? EXPECT THE BEST???? THE SKY IS FALLING, EVERYTHING IS IMPLODING! Well now, isn't that a rather stressful thing to think about for most of your day? Our viewpoint and outlook make a huge difference in stress levels. Expecting the worst to happen all the time puts you in fight or flight mode. CONSTANTLY. Lots of adrenal firing. Which can lead to Adrenal Stress. Which may be one of the reasons ya can't sleep at night cause ya always wired...

  5. CARRY AN ESSENTIAL OIL AROUND or keep it at your work station. Don't worry, it won't fumigate a room if you just dab a very small amount on your wrist, (make sure you or the people near you have no allergies) or add a couple drops on a tissue or cotton ball. A hit from oils like Peppermint, (my personal fave) Lavender or Chamomile can have a soothing, calming effect. It also helps with headaches, particularly if you combine it with tips 1-4.

  6. PRESS ON THOSE PRESSURE POINTS. They're not just meant to disable your opponent in a fight. The body is loaded with pressure points, many in the hand, arm, chest, head and shoulder regions. Pressing on them can knock out a headache, boost energy, reduce heat, and calm ya right on down.

  7. BREATHE DEEPLY. Oh yeah, I said that. Well, not the deeply part! Throw in an affirmation or two while you're at it and like anything that's new, it gets better with desire, diligence, repetition--all in all, stress relief is a Practice.


In essence, we are the guardians of our temples for our life span. It is in our best interest to take as much good care of ourselves as possible. Being aware of what we eat along with getting enough exercise is great, yet taking care of our selves goes well beyond being vegan, veggie, carnivore or whether we get our laps around the track or in the pool--there is a Mindfulness aspect that often gets overlooked. Being mindful of our stress levels and doing something constructive about it makes for a much more centered, more balanced life.

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