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5 Wardrobe Hacks That Create More Closet Space

5 Wardrobe Hacks That Create More Closet Space

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"Why not make getting dressed something you enjoy that will filter into you feeling your best every day?"
– Gianna Nucci


I'm Gianna, a personal stylist, shopper, and closet organizer who lives to help people build a better relationship with their wardrobe and personal style. With a background in fashion from FIT and holding previous jobs in the industry, I branched out on my own in order to create a business that caters to those who lack the time and aptitude to portray who they are from the inside out.

blenderstyle offers services ranging from personal shopping trips to in-home styling sessions and complete closet detoxes. I've had the opportunity to work with professionals at all levels, working mothers and mothers to be, brides, and even disabled clients who sought more ease in getting dressed each day.

I live in Jersey City, serving the New York and DC metro areas, and never loved what I do more than I do now!

Top Tips

  1. Sweaters
    Never hang sweaters. They are too bulky and their fabrics can easily stretch out on the hangers. Fold them neatly on a shelf instead.

  2. Shoes
    Store pairs of shoes either side by side heel to toe (this takes up less space than having them face the same direction), or by storing one in the front and one behind if you have a deep shelf. The latter option is a great alternative to storing pairs in front and back of each other without being able to see all your pairs at once.

  3. Hangers
    Hang all your items on the same type of hanger. This will allow your clothes to hang in a consistent manner which will not only create a cleaner display, but help reduce the extra bulk from having multiple size hangers.

  4. Walls
    Utilize whatever empty wall space you have to hang scarves, belts, hats, and other accessories. There are a ton of different types of bars and wall hooks you can incorporate depending on what fits your closet space best. 

  5. Shelves
    Use shelf dividers. This will allow you to stack whatever your folding (ahem, see tip 1) a bit higher without worrying about your pile falling over. 

  6. Categories + Colors
    Bonus Tip! Organize your closet by category first then by color. For example, hang or fold all of your pants in one place, then color coordinate them. Most people make the mistake of color coordinating all categories together, but having your wardrobe organized by category helps create ease when finding things to put on in the morning.


      Believe it or not, but a great personal style starts with a great closet. Having an organized way to see the things you own allows you to easily get dressed every day and can even provide you more options to choose from. You'll be surprised at how many clients I've worked with that say, "wow I completely forgot I had that!" during our closet detox sessions. Getting dressed is a universal activity that no one can really avoid, so why not make it something you enjoy that will filter into you feeling your best every day?

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