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Keith Dent

5 Tips for Surviving Valentine’s Day

5 Tips for Surviving Valentine’s Day

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"Don't judge your entire relationship based on this one day."
– Keith Dent


Valentine's Day is considered the Super Bowl for Love. 

Right now, there are a countless number of men trying to figure out what to get for February 14th and a countless number of women anticipating how their man is going to celebrate the day. 

According to the National Retail Federation, Americans spend $160 – each – on their significant other for this day. You may be someone who that feels if you don’t do the right thing or spend the right amount of money, then your relationship is doomed.

But money is not the same as love. If you are a little stressed for Valentine's Day, here are 5 tips to help you survive the day.

Top Tips

  1. Don't judge your entire relationship based on this one day.

    Valentine’s Day is a great reminder to practice simple acts of kindness of love for the people in your life. But it's just one day out of many throughout the year. If you want your relationship and your love to last beyond one day, make your Valentine's symbolic of that time be sure not to judge it by what each of you does on one day alone.

  2. Don't get so hyped over surprising your partner.

    Women like surprises when you have her in mind. But if you are thinking about the end result first – how you think she will react based on your surprise – that may put too much pressure on each of you. Instead, think about making her feel loved, cared about, and included. By focusing on her needs and desires first, instead of her reaction, you can make the special event much greater and less stressful for each of you.

  3. Your relationship is not based on the amount of money he/she spends.

    Your partner is looking for something genuine and personal for Valentine's, even if the gift isn't exactly what you wanted. An expensive gift may be exciting at times, but remember it should come from the heart, it should be honest, and it should show your appreciation to him/her. It's how you build honesty and trust.

  4. If you are unsure what to get, use the K.I.S.S. method.

    True love is about being open, genuine, and personal. Give it some thought, your gift may not be something that you hear or see advertised. A simple card, or personal love letter that truly expresses your feelings, or something equally "just for them," will work. 

  5. If you don't have a Valentine, don't stress about it.

    Spend time pampering yourself and acknowledging the great friends in your life. There is always next year. Keep your options open and your expectations clear.


Valentine's Day is a national celebration of expressing love. There are many ways to show it that embrace your relationship without introducing stress and judgment. Cherish the reason for your love and make caring about your significant other your focus, and you can have an amazing time.

Happy Valentine's Day and beyond!

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