Looking For Valentine's Day Entrepreneurs

Looking For Valentine's Day Entrepreneurs

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We're looking for entrepreneurs to include their Valentine's Day tips on our MAKE IT Series.

We'll coach them through the article and possibly take a professional photo for them depending upon their proximity.

They could be:

  • Baker
  • Chocolatier
  • Relationship Coach
  • Florist
  • (add yours here)

Example florist tips and article headline ideas might be:

  • Top 10 Tips For Valentine's Day
  • 6 Ways To Celebrate Your First Valentine's Day Together
  • 5 Flowers To Send For Valentine's Day
  • (add yours here)

Example bakery / chocolatier tips and article headline ideas might be:

  • Top 10 Tips For Sending Sweets To Your Sweetie (On Valentine's Day)
  • 5 Sweets And What They Mean (For Valentine's Day)
  • 3 Ways To Send A Message With Sweets (For Valentine's Day)
  • (add yours here)

Example relationship coach tips and article headline ideas might be:

  • 4 Steps To Thrive In A Healthy, Happy Relationship (For Valentine's)
  • Top 5 Ways To Say I Love You Without The Guilt (On Valentine's)
  • (add yours here)

Feel free to tag & share if you know someone who may be a good fit!

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