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Written by Kris Van Nest


How MalvynB Teaches Anything In 3 Easy Steps

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Put your own spin into it, some energy into it


Teaching can be rewarding.

But it can also be challenging to figure out how to take complex concepts and make them simple enough for learners to understand.

MalvynB shares three simple steps to help teach anything.

Step 1: I Do

MalvynB shares that you should never assume a learner will know everything right away.

Always show what to do first.

MalvynB uses the example of a book, "Green Eggs and Ham," to show how to model something for a learner. In his example, he points to each word as he reads the title. This gives learners both a visual indication of what he is doing along with being able to model his behavior and pacing as they watch and hear him vocalize the words.


Step 2: We Do

MalvynB then does the same task, but with student assistance.

In his example, he reads most of the title... but then leaves time and space for the learner to attempt to say the last word.

This helps the learner feel supported and eases them into the process of learning something new.


Step 3: You Do

 As MalvynB explains, part of being a teacher is watching your students try to do things on their own.

In his example, he asks learners read the entire title by themselves.

He gives them enough time to complete the task on their own, without feeling rushed, and then steps in if he feels they're struggling.

As he underscores, if they make a mistake, always go back to the 1st step, "I do," to help them along.



MalvynB encourages us to not worry about being the best teacher right from the start.

He also encourages us to remember to make it your own – put your own energy into it, put your own spin on it, so it becomes memorable (and fun! :) for your learners.

Thank you, MalvynB!

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