Revenue Model


Our business model is based on a collection of high-quality articles created by authors world-wide in their field of expertise and leveraged to produce services, advertising (placement), consumer goods, competitions, and teaching opportunities.

Everyone in business needs to build market authority.

Founders are often traditionally bad at this –


  • They waste more time.
  • They make fewer sales.
  • They lose confidence & income.

We build their market authority by showcasing them as experts:


  • Showcase their niche.
  • Build their authority.
  • Monetize their knowledge.

How It Works

Everything starts with an article about their expertise:

  1. Submit – A small business owner or entrepreneur submits their article here. It is free to submit an article since we generate revenue downstream through (a) additional services and (b) advertisements/promotions.

  2. Review – Our team reviews and accepts their article, or sends back for revisions. We will need to develop a semi-automated process to scale reviews.

  3. Accept – If accepted, we pull a quote from their article and source a free stock image to use for their website image and first poster.

  4. Options – The author can optionally select additional services, such as for us to create a short video to include on their article page, or promotional placements on our front page. In effect, all authors can become their own advertisers by having their article placed higher on our site or, flipped around, all advertisers must first write an article for our site.

  5. Makeover – Authors may have the opportunity to enter our MAKE IT Series Makeover competition, where we teach them how to create a video pitch and video version of their article as a way of teaching others. Winning options include prizes and the opportunity to partner with us to create their own online classes that they teach based on our further development and coaching.

  6. Future – Based on traffic, number of "likes," MAKE IT Series Makeover competition, and other factors, we may optionally offer to work with the most popular authors to create on-line classes they teach along with other services.

For example, a catchy quote is pulled from an article (example) to be used to create the "Print On Demand" poster (example) from our fulfillment service (currently Printful) which is then sold to consumers.

Revenue Examples

Pricing and revenue guidelines are subject to change based on market feedback.

Product Examples

  • Posters (30% Profit)
  • Mugs (30% Profit)
  • T-Shirts*
  • (TBD)

Placement Examples

  • Platinum ($200 / Week)
  • Gold ($100 / Week)
  • Silver ($50 / Week)
  • Bronze ($25 / Week)

Service Examples

  • Free Submission ($0 / Article)
  • Video Services ($50 - $1,000 / Article)
  • Writing Assistance ($50 - $100 / Article)
  • Class Teaching Partnership (30/70 Profit Share)
  • TBD